Emergency Work

Instances of electrical breakdowns or electrical emergencies require rapid response.

Real emergency situations require immediate attention, by someone with the right experience and resources.

With multiple service teams on the road, we have the ability to not only be responsive, but to also coordinate other resources when required.

For instance, if the power goes out at 11pm and you have cool rooms to keep running – do you know who to call? We do – and if you have this sort of critical need, we can even arrange permanent generator connections as part of a maintenance program.

Its 6pm on a Wednesday, the buildings electrical connection catches fire and the energy supplier disconnects. We can guarantee to have someone on site within 2 within hours (Melbourne/Adelaide metro areas), repair the damage and then arrange the inspections to have the power supply restored.

Case Study

Commercial Building Fire Damage

At 4pm one afternoon we received a harried call from the property manager of one of our commercial client’s properties – the building had had an electrical fire……

Notwithstanding that we were on the other side of Melbourne, we were mobile moments after receiving the call and were on site within 30mins.

Power in emergencies

In the event of an emergency we can arrange for generators 24/7.

Fast Solutions

Maximum 2 hour response time for emergency callouts within Melbourne and Adelaide metro areas.

Secure Client Portal

Live job tracking allows our corporate clients to manage their resources more effectively.