Secure Client Portal

Our online Client Portal enables our clients to view; where their jobs are at, access in real time their asset database for RCD and Test & Tag records, as well as log new job requests.

Providing this high level of transparency of job activities means that our clients can better plan and use their own resources, by better understanding when a job is likely to be completed and how best to reallocate their staff in an emergency situation.

Risk management is well covered in our portal as it enables real time access to the asset databases we maintain for all of our RCD and Test & Tag inspections. These databases are automatically updated with every inspection, are maintained securely off site from the client’s premises and can be accessed remotely on demand.

The online portal also provides greater convenience as it enables our registered clients to log new jobs when it suits them – early morning or late evening, it doesn’t matter it will display for our action either way.

Track the progress

Track the completion of your job cards for your individual site, see the jobs completed as fast as we do.

Clear detailed billing

Review all of your sites records, access databases and review billing information by site.

Easy online process

For registered clients – book a new job request directly via our secure Client Portal.